CELTA: some things you need to know

Teacher training

In this episode we give a brief introduction to CELTA, probably the most popular and widely recognised certificate for English language teachers. We start off by describing some of the strengths of the course. In the second half we look at a few shortcomings of the course, and suggest what in our opinion should be changed.

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14 thoughts on “CELTA: some things you need to know

  1. Thanks for the podcast. It was very interesting and informative. I am currently in the Peace Corps (Albania) volunteering in the TEFL sector. My “job” title is Secondary English Teacher Trainer. Before becoming a PCV, I was a high school Spanish teacher (20 years) in the USA and I have also taught English at a language school in Mexico for one year and at a public high school in Colombia for one year. My bachelor’s degree is in Spanish and TESL and I have two Master’s, a MS in Education (Integrating Technology) and a MS in Spanish for Teaching Language and Culture. I share this information with you because post Peace Corps, I would like to travel and teach English in other countries. My question for you is if you think for me with my previous education and experience, is it worth it to invest the money in doing the CELTA training? Would it make me more employable or are my current qualifications enough to get me a good teaching job abroad? Thank you for your time!


    1. Hi Cristin, thank you for your comment. I think that, given your educational background and experience, you could get away without doing the CELTA, especially if you’re going to teach in, for example, East Asia, however, if your plan is to teach in Europe, I would definitely advise you to do it. Having said all that, I still think it would be worth doing anyway if you’re planning on East Asia as, while not essential, it would improve your employment prospects. It has high recognisability. I hope this helps. Thanks for listening.

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  2. Here is a link to a very popular episode on the tefl show on the CELTA and a link to a blog post that I, Robert William McCaul (Marek’s co-host), did about my CELTA experience with IH Barcelona where I share my experiences in a bit more detail, with one entry for each of the 4 weeks. Here’s the link to week 1: http://www.celta-course.com/2014/08/what-is-celta-course-like-1.html. Very useful for those of you considering doing it 😉 Thank you everyone for liking, sharing and listening to the Tefl Show and a big thank you to Ann from TeachingEnglish- British Council for sharing the episode. http://www.theteflshow.com


  3. I am in the teaching field for the last twenty years teaching mathematics and physics. I am rated quite high by my students in my country so far. I would like to try some greener pastures but a certificate in teaching becomes a necessity. Is there a possibility of any online teacher certification program in my subjects? Could you highlight on it please? Thanks


    1. Hi Prem,
      Thanks for your comment. I’m not really sure to be honest. There are online CELTAs, but I don’t know much about online certificates in other areas. Maybe Rob knows more?
      Where are you teaching at the moment and where are you planning to move? Are you thinking private or public sector? The problem with the latter is that you’ll most likely need the local qualifications required by the ministry of education of that country. What degree or certificate have you got now?


  4. Thanks for the podcast Robert. I was about to forget how it is great to have Celta:)
    I had it last july in the Uk.But even before that, I had been teaching for 8 years. My Bachelor and Master is on Elt. Now, I have Cambridge CELTA-Pass B
    Great right?
    But somehow I am not even being interviewed by Thé recruitments.
    Cause I am not native.
    I am not European.
    I am Turkish.
    Could you please add The information of “Natives or Europeans should have it.” ?
    Otherwise it s a waste of time and money.


  5. I listened to this to see how useful it might be to prospective candidates.

    I was taken aback by your overt promotion of IH and BC as if they are the only reputable centres that offer CELTA and Delta courses!!!!

    You think we don’t have experience or quality just because we are not a brand name?

    Am so sorry you are perpetuating the myth that it’s only the big brands that offer quality programmes – it is a biased view and you of all people should not perpetuate the myth of the ignorant locals in grass skirts!!!!

    My centre has an excellent reputation and people like you who think it’s a joke to trash other people’s work do more damage than good.


    1. Hi Marisa,
      Thanks for taking time to listen to the podcast.
      I find your outburst a bit surprising and over the top. It also misrepresents the contents of the podcast. I don’t think we overtly promote IH or BC in the podcast. It just happens that both of us did our CELTA in IH centres, so it’s logical I think that we’ll recommend tgem, especially that we were very happy with how the course was run.
      Regarding your cebtre, we never said anything bad about, nor about any other centre in particular. The fact we didn’t mention it doesn’t mean we don’t think it’s a reputable centre. If we wanted to mention all the reputable centres, it would have taken a few podcasts. Also, you cannot possibly expect us to know all the reputable CELTA centres. There are simply too many of them.
      I’m sorry you took our podcast in the wrong way. I’m sure your centre is a fantastic one and I wish you and the centre all the best.


  6. Such an informative and inspiring talk. May I ask for some questions about getting a CELTA Certificate. My BA degree is about Economics and I do want to get into teaching world, studying in Britain for such a valuable Cer like this. Do English universities have such courses that do not require previous bakcground in English or pedogogy ?
    Thanks a million..


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