Observee’s checklist – surviving an observed lesson


Under Creative commons by AJC from Flickr.

In this episode of the TEFL Show podcasts we talk about every teacher’s nightmare – observed lessons. Having survived many formal observations during our careers, we suggest an observee’s checklist: a list of tips that will not only help you survive an observed lesson, but actually do well on it too. Among other things we look at classroom management, giving instructions, monitoring and board work.

What do you think? Do you find observations useful? Have you had any really good or particularly bad ones? Can you give any more tips to add to the checklist? Looking forward to your comments.

You might also be interested in listening to this interview with Anthony Ash, where with a slightly more critical eye we look at lesson plans, observations and professional development programs.

Don’t forget that the podcast is also available on a number of music services. Just click on one of the logos below to be redirected the service. If you enjoyed one of the episodes, we would appreciate if you rated it or left a comment.

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