Spanish in the United States of America.

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Press ‘2’ for Spanish.

The United States is now the second largest Spanish speaking country after Mexico (128 million) according to a new report on the language commissioned by the highly respected Instituto Cervantes. According to the report, in the USA, the language boasts 41 million native speakers, as well as a further 11.6 million who are bilingual with English.This gives the US more Spanish speakers than Colombia (48 million) and Spain (46 million) (figures reported in the Guardian Newspaper on 29th June 2015). The US Census office predicts that the country will have over 128 million Spanish speakers by 2050. This will mean that fully one third of US citizens will be Spanish speaking in just over 30 years time.

So why is Spanish in the US so hidden & why does it retain a minority language status even in the parts of the nation where its speakers are in the majority such as Los Angeles? How is the language being used today in the country, in the mainstream media, politics and society? Why is the language sometimes perceived as a threat? Why does Spanish still seem not to be associated with the US in Europe? Explore US Spanish with Robert William McCaul & Marek Kiczkowiak on the award-winning language podcast: the TEFL show.


(Image courtesy of the US Census Bureau & Day Transactions)


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