Is having a ‘foreign’ accent in English a bad thing?

British English, British English Vowels, Foreign Accent, Pronunciation

When it comes to teaching pronunciation, it is typically Standard British English or General American model that we teach our students. In a nutshell, we want our students to sound ‘native-like’. In this podcast, however, we take a critical look at the assumption that more ‘native-like’ pronunciation is better.


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8 thoughts on “Is having a ‘foreign’ accent in English a bad thing?

  1. I think is the most normal thing when you’re learning a new language you want try to sound the best way as you can. And I think the first reason of that is because some people believe that if you have a native pronunciation your English or you Spanish or you French is better, but even is you have a good level and do you think that your pronunciation is good, is very difficult lost your native accent, only a few people get it. Is not a bad thing but how your friend say is automatically when you are learning you want to have the best English or French or Spanish. The Spanish people have an strongest accent because they read the English like Spanish, in Spanish TV they never listen English and only in some towns you can go to the cinema and watch a movie with the native English with subtitles is hard for them because they never listen English. I was living there and I understand the reason why they have a very strong accent in English. But I think is very very difficult lost your accent and if one day I get it learn a good English I will like keep my accent because is part of me, part of my history and part of my culture and all the people should be proud of that.
    PS: I’m learning English, excuse my English 🙈
    Good post guys! Our accent is our ID 😉

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  2. The most important thing is being understood. Whether you are a Spanish speaker in London, a Scouser in Glasgow or a Russian speaker in Manchester, the accent doesn’t matter. For me, language is about communication verbal and non-verbal.

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  3. I really enjoyed the discussion and the questions you guys brought up. Really nice to see dialogue around this super important topic and how us teachers can make expand awareness around the international nature of the English language and the opportunities that this presents learners!

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