Interview with Cecilia Nobre

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In this episode of the TEFL show Robert William McCaul interviews Cecilia Nobre,  an ESOL teacher, a regular conference speaker and blogger, about a novel way she was involved in to learn English on that long commute to work!
We also chat about her experiences as a language learner & how she managed to learn English so well, why she’s learning Czech now and how she’s helping non-native English teachers improve their proficiency.
Cecilia, from Brazil, has been teaching since 1999. She graduated with a BA in Portuguese and English and went on to live in the UK for 3 years where she taught Portuguese. She’s done a postgraduate course in English and she’s been teaching 1:1 online for 3 months and is developing her career as an online teacher. She is particularly interested in materials design and applying Corpus L in ELT contexts (classroom and digital materials)
She also chose and developed the materials for ‘English on the Road’ (Business Result by Oxford and I created the course syllabus)
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