Interview with Cecilia Nobre

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In this episode of the TEFL show Robert William McCaul interviews Cecilia Nobre,  an ESOL teacher, a regular conference speaker and blogger, about a novel way she was involved in to learn English on that long commute to work!
We also chat about her experiences as a language learner & how she managed to learn English so well, why she’s learning Czech now and how she’s helping non-native English teachers improve their proficiency.
Cecilia, from Brazil, has been teaching since 1999. She graduated with a BA in Portuguese and English and went on to live in the UK for 3 years where she taught Portuguese. She’s done a postgraduate course in English and she’s been teaching 1:1 online for 3 months and is developing her career as an online teacher. She is particularly interested in materials design and applying Corpus L in ELT contexts (classroom and digital materials)
She also chose and developed the materials for ‘English on the Road’ (Business Result by Oxford and I created the course syllabus)
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Brexit will cut the numbers of higher education students in the UK by a third.

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Brexit places the higher education industry in the UK in severe jeopardy, according to survey. Universities will struggle to attract the top international students. Lots of teachers I know will lose their jobs as a result of this, people with families, who pay taxes. Not to mention the loss of of jobs and revenue to accommodation providers, transport providers such as taxi drivers and coach companies, restaurants, tourist attractions etc. Independent language schools will no doubt suffer as well. Towns like Bournemouth, which rely on the international student business, will be worst hit. Meanwhile the international competitors for the international student market such as Australia, Canada and Malta cannot believe their luck.

DELTA – what is it about and is it worth it?

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In this episode of the TEFL Show podcasts we discuss DELTA or the Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, which is run by Cambridge Assessment. We talk about the format and the content of the course, and tell you a bit more about our own experience doing it. We give some recommendations for how and where you can do it, and whether doing it is worth your time and money at all.

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