Lesson plans, observations and PD programs – Interview with Anthony Ash

Photo by David Muir under Creative Commons from: http://www.doshort.com/4Oyl

Photo by David Muir under Creative Commons from: http://www.doshort.com/4Oyl

In this episode we talk to Anthony Ash about lesson plans, observations and professional development (PD) programs. This podcast was triggered by a post about lesson plans and observations Anthony Ash wrote on his blog which you can read here. We then had a very interesting chat on Twitter (you can still read it here) together with Marc Jones, who also wrote a very interesting post on the topic. As a response to their posts and the Twitter chat, I also wrote an article on my blog where I criticised the insistence on writing long lesson plans for formal observations (read my article here).

So in this podcast we pick up the discussion where we originally left it and continue chatting about the importance of lesson plans and observations in PD programs. We start off by discussing whether preparing a formal lesson plan for an observation should be necessary. We then look at formal observations and chat about their importance in PD programs. We finish off by suggesting what our ideal PD program would look like.

What would your ideal PD program look like? How do you feel about preparing formal lesson plans for observations? Let us know in the comments section or tweet to @theteflshow and @ashowski

About Anthony: I completed the CELTA at IH Wroclaw (Poland) in August 2011 and I completed the DELTA at IH Newcastle (UK) in autumn 2014. I have an MA in English Language and Linguistics in which I focused on the historical development of the English language. I have taught adults and Young Learners general English and Business English in Dresden (Germany), Oxford (UK), Poznan / Torun (Poland) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). I also teach English for Academic Purposes at the University of Newcastle (UK). I have worked in ELT management since September 2013. I was a Senior Teacher at IH Torun (Poland) and I am currently an Assistant Director of Studies at IH Buenos Aires involved in Teacher Training and Development. [bio from Anthony’s blog].

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